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3 Things We Should Put Right in Residential Acoustic Design

Three things we should put right in residential acoustics

Sounding Off – Acoustics in Residential Design At first glance, it seems as though residential development is one of the few area where there is a clear, documented requirement for acoustic design. From planning noise impact, through to design and

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Website Updates – Changes to the format

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you might be wondering where our content is. Don’t worry – we’ve made some changes to our format, but we’re still here. The format of our website (only including the ‘blog’ and ‘case studies’

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What’s good at dBx Acoustics?

A guest post by our resident 9 year old Mischief Manager, Ellie; What I like about going to the office, by Ellie 😛 I sometimes get spun around on one of the chairs by Peter I can play on a

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Peter’s Epic Snow Day a.k.a Driving Home for Christmas! (Well Almost)

Snow in Diggle

Snow… In November? There are plenty of perks of having an office in a small village at the edge of the Pennines: the views, being away from motorway traffic, and the friendly people you meet while walking Scooby the #dBxDog.

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House Festival 2016

Our Excel Student, Felicia, gives her thoughts on this year’s House Festival where the dBx team supported NMSP to monitor and control event noise levels… This amazing event was held at Marble Hill House, London on 7th July. It consisted of

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Why are there fewer women in construction than there were 10 years ago?  

Why are there fewer women in construction than there were 10 years ago? We hear a lot about how to attract more women into construction, and I’ve already ranted at length about how difficult that will be when the industry

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The Sound Think Lady

I’ve just completed my training to be a STEM Ambassador and I’m really looking forward to going in to schools and helping kids to get excited about sound. One of the things that the training made us think about was how

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The flaw in the STEM system

I am writing this on Women in STEM day. I’m one of those women, and I’ve never really thought about it before. Why is it that women still aren’t routinely considering STEM as a career path, and what can we do-

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Sustainability in Acoustic Design

Sustainability matters in construction. Despite the great advances made in the rest of the industry in recent years, with new and more sustainable methods of construction being developed constantly, the world of acoustic consultancy has largely lagged behind when we

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A strange thing happened…


The strangest things happen on noise surveys… I was going to write a blog about the strangest things that have happened to me when I’ve been out on a survey. Then it occurred to me – I can’t  be the

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