We hate keeping secrets!

Whisper it…although the results aren’t officially announced yet, we are pleased to be able to tell you that for the second year running we have been named Acoustic Consultant of the Year by BUILD Magazine.

The decision making process took over 320 man-hours, during which time the research and judging teams worked closely to ensure that only the most deserving firms, departments and individuals were recognised. We are thrilled to have retained our title for a second consecutive year.

Bigger and Better

We feel that this year’s award is a recognition of how we are growing and developing as a company. Since last year, our team has grown from three to five (not including Scooby!), our projects are getting larger and more complex, and our clients are still receiving our friendly and dedicated service. We pride ourselves in being adaptable to each project’s unique requirements, and on our ability to build great working relationships with those around us.

Trophy Cabinet?

Once the official announcement is made, we’ll update you, and of course post a photo of our shiny new trophy. At this rate we might have to get a proper cabinet…