Due to the disruption being caused to daily life at the moment, we have had to take the decision to put all environmental noise surveys on hold for the time being. This is because road traffic noise is often the primary noise source on our sites; significant changes in both traffic volume and daily movement patterns mean that any measurements we take at the moment simply wouldn’t be representative of the typical noise climate.

Any survey work which we have currently been appointed for has been queued for action as soon as we are able to return to site, and we will be continually reviewing on a project-by-project basis to minimise any delays. We cannot at this stage say how long the delays may be, however, so would recommend discussing this with your Local Planning Authority if your application is time sensitive.

New survey projects which we are commissioned for during this period will be queued and actioned in order, and so we would recommend that if you are planning to appoint us, you kindly inform us as soon as possible. This will also help us with workload and cashflow forecasting which, along with many other businesses, are going to be important considerations in the coming months.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know. The dBx team are currently all healthy and working from home, and any work which is not reliant on noise surveys is unaffected. Our phones are being answered and we will call you back as soon as we can. As far as we can, it’ll be business as usual.

Kind regards

Susan and the dBx Acoustics Team