It feels like a long time since we have blogged, but just wanted to let you know that there are some exciting changes happening at dBx Acoustics! We are pleased to welcome Katie on board as our Social Media and Marketing Consultant. Katie joins us from the Juice Academy, and a big part of her role will be to translate our geeky ramblings into something which is understandable by…well…normal people. She’s already got us using Instagram which is becoming an entertaining mish-mash of the team’s take on the world (and a lot of cute #dBxDog shots). Plans are also afoot for website updates, new look newsletters, and lots more interactive content.

 Exciting updates - Pictures from our Instagram  Exciting updates - Pictures from our Instagram

Just a couple of our most recent Instagram posts!

Our New Campaign – We need you!

Yes, you heard it here first! The dBx team is working feverishly behind the scenes on a new campaign –

and we need you!

Our aim is to make acoustics less scary and more accessible to people, and as part of this we want to create a FAQ with you! Anything from ‘I’m building a house, what do I need to know?’ to ‘Why do you think that 2 + 2 = 5?’. No question is too silly, or too basic. So please drop us a line or tweet to us if you have a question you would like us to include! We feel that acoustic consultants have spent years making out that ours is a ‘dark art’ – but most of us studied at Salford, not Hogwarts. It’s our feeling that, the more we can help people understand what we do and what the benefits are, the more people are likely to understand the benefits of investing in acoustic design.

We’ll be blogging much more on this over the coming months. For now, though – whilst we can’t work magic, we CAN make you cleverer, healthier, more rested, and more productive. Really, we can. We won’t promise to make you more beautiful though. You’re gorgeous as you are.