At dBx acoustics, we’re thrilled to be working on the planning and full acoustic design for a new luxury hotel in Leeds city centre.

Situated in Sovereign Square, the 13-storey hotel with 321 bedrooms and a ground floor bar and restaurant will be run by an international hotel operator.

Working for developer Marrico Asset Management, our job is to ensure the building is fully sound insulated and complies with noise control regulations, both internally and externally, throughout the construction period.

As Sovereign Square is adjacent to Leeds train station, we’re paying careful attention to the façade design, which is a key acoustic consideration due to the proximity of the building to the railway lines. We’re also working on a very important factor for hotels and their guests – the sound insulation of internal floors and partitions to control noise transfer between guest rooms and the hotel facilities.

Sovereign Square has needed some TLC for a couple of decades, so it’s brilliant for us to be part of this exciting regeneration plan, which will finally give the site the attention it needs to fulfil its potential!

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