I’ve just completed my training to be a STEM Ambassador and I’m really looking forward to going in to schools and helping kids to get excited about sound. One of the things that the training made us think about was how we communicate. I’d like to think that at dBx we are good at making sense of our technical world for our clients, but it’s certainly something that we always have to be alert to.


For a bit of fun, I thought I’d use The Up-Goer Five Text Editor to explain what we do using only the thousand most used words in the English language. Enjoy!

I am the sound think lady. I listen to building and outside to see how loud they are and why. I think about how sound hits things and where it goes and I have a listening thing I take with me.

Some building sound good and some sound bad. Some are broken and I help fix and make them better. I help building think people to think up better ideas.
I have been the sound think lady for a long time. At my place there are also two sound think men who are good. We sound think together and have fun.
We have a dog. He does not think. He is stupid.
We like sweets and coffee.