What is it about summer? Just as last year, we are rushed off our feet with projects and surveys with no time left to keep the blog up to date. I think the idea that everyone goes on holiday in July and August is a myth!

We are carrying out the acoustic design for the Green Pastures Church in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. This includes classrooms, theatres and performance space, pastoral spaces and a large open plan mall/dining area in the centre, in the style of churches more commonly found in the US. Such a large variety of spaces and acoustic requirements is a great opportunity for us to combine our knowledge and experience to produce a building that works effectively as well as sounding great.

A noise impact assessment gave us the chance to poke around the Queen Insurance Building in Liverpool and pretend to be good at photography…


With Interserve, we are designing extensions for two batches of Priority Schools Building Project schemes in Cornwall, including my old primary school, which I remember being taken in my pushchair to see being built! This may well have been the formative experience which turned me into a construction nerd, but it’s quite alarming to think that it’s in need of work – mind you, bits are breaking on me all the time so I guess it’s to be expected.

We are also working with Carillion on the remodeling of Nottingham City Council’s HQ building at Loxley House, to turn the four storey Atrium into a useable contact centre for the public to access Council services. This involves a complex acoustic model to examine how noise transfer into the open plan office areas overlooking the atrium can be controlled.


However, in the midst of all of this excitement, we are still carrying out noise impact assessments for planning, including some student housing in Wigan, flats in Dagenham, a recording studio in Wales, and a factory demolition in Castleford.

We’re also still mourning the loss of Liza, the dBx Dog, who was hit by a car a few weeks ago after she escaped from the house and went on a crazy run over the hills and far away. We are, however, excited to be welcoming a new puppy, Scooby, into the team next week…